Scuola Toscana

Riconosciuto dal Ministero Italiano della Pubblica Istruzione
Scuola di Lingua Italiana SCUOLA TOSCANA

Scuola Toscana - Via de' Benci, 23
50122 Firenze ITALIA TEL/FAX +39 055 244583


Please read our terms and conditions carefully before application.

The minimum age for participants is 15, except for Family Club course. Younger students may attend the school in organized groups with a leader in charge.

Letter or Fax together with a deposit of Euro 100 / US$ 100. As soon as the school receives the deposit, a written confirmation will be sent to you. The remaining sum is to be paid at the latest 15 days before the course begins or immediately after receiving confirmation of your registration.

Please make payments to the School via :

Postal order Addressed :
Scuola DM Toscana, Via dei Benci 23, 50122 Firenze (Italia)
International bank check Addressed : as above
Bank transfer To our bank account :
Name: DM snc Scuola Toscana
Via F. De Sanctis 48/50 - 50136 Firenze Italia
IBAN: IT25 P030 6902 8951 0000 0008 079
Credit cards accepted : VISA,Master,JCB (VISA,Master,JCB)

When you arrive at the School, please present evidence of the transfer or the voucher from your agency.

Depending on the spaces we have, we also accept enrollment at the last minute: call us, if you are lucky, you will be admitted, even if your course starts tomorrow.

Except for the student who ask for a studium visa, a withdrawal from the course programme can be effected by sending a registered letter, telegram of fax (no email) to the agency or to the School secretariat. In assessing the sum for the withdrawal fee, the date when the notification of withdrawal is received by the agency or the school is decisive. If the withdrawal notification is received at least 15 days before the course is due of begin, the School refunds all the course fees which have been received, less the deposit, which can be credited for a later registration. If the withdrawal notification is received up to 7 days before the course is due to begin, 60% of the total price is to be paid. After that, the course has to be paid in full. No remboursement is due after the course has begun. In cases of particular hardship, the School reserves the right to dispense, either totally or partly, with the regulations given above.

The usual duration of every lesson is 50 minutes. Classes are not held on public holidays in Florence nor at weekends.

Participants are not insured, either by the School or by those offering accommodation, against illness, accidents, theft or loss of personal possessions. We therefore recommend that the student arranges for a personal insurance policy.

Arranging the type of accommodation requested by the client cannot be guaranteed in every single case. The School therefore reserves the right to alter, slightly, the requested accommodation and board arrangements in exceptional cases.

By signing the registration form or any other written form of registration, the participant accepts the "General Conditions". Any disputes arising hereunder will be settled in the appropriate court in Florence.